Shoe Fitting

When you come into Ready Set Run the first thing we will do is chat with you! We will ask you questions about your running or walking. Are you a new runner/walker? Are you having any issues? What are your goals? Also if you have your old shoes no matter how worn or smelly, bring them in!

The next step is your feet! We will take a look at your arches, your heals, width, shape and measure your feet.

We may have you walk a little bit to watch what your feet are doing through your gait. Do you need more support or less? Are you a supinator or overpronator? Do you have a neutral gait? With all of this information we will select the best models to ensure that you are getting the correct type and fit of shoe for your biomechanical needs. Try them out on our treadmill or run outside of the store!

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to start or continue with your fitness goals!