Why I Opened Ready Set Run

trishI worked at Aardvark Sports Shop in Stroudsburg from its opening and over the years got to know the walkers and runners in the community. We offered our women’s beginner programs, training runs for the Run for the Red Marathon, and in-store knowledge about running shoes, apparel, and accessories. When word came that Aardvark was closing their Stroudsburg site, I knew I had to do something. I felt that we made a difference in the community and for us to lose that would be a shame. The only way to continue my passion was to start on my own and so Ready Set Run was born! As an owner, I can now do even more with and for the community. We continue the tradition of a fall race along the river (now called the River Ramble), still offer half and full marathon training, have lots of information about area races, and still lead a women’s running and walking program- we’ve have had hundreds of women complete it!

Owning Ready Set Run isn’t just about selling shoes, clothing and accessories. It is about empowering runners and walkers.

My customers value the the knowledge and advice of my professional team, but our relationships go beyond custom fitting the perfect shoe. We are here to provide compassion and encouragement to anyone who wants to get fit or simply enjoy the outdoors in a safe way. We are with you every step of the way.

Why I Love Running

Running has many meanings to me. I love getting together with friends for a run and socializing. It is mentally refreshing, giving me a chance to clear my head and to enjoy the outdoors. I can make it challenging with workouts and goals or it can be just fun! It is a wonderful stress relief and I love the feeling that comes with the end of a run. It is not always easy but I know that the challenges make me stronger. I know where I started and I know how difficult and how hard I worked to get where I am. Running has changed my life.

I grew up near the Appalachian Trail and when I learned about it I was fascinated. I knew that one day I would hike from Georgia to Maine. When my sister graduated from high school, we decided to do it together. The trail experience is like none other. The daily challenges, the camaraderie, the people you meet along the way are all exciting. There were easy days and there were some very tough days that make you dig deep and push through. There are many times and opportunities to quit, but we did not give in. Completing the trail was a huge sense of accomplishment as well as both exciting and scary. We had immersed ourselves in another lifestyle and made many friends along the way. Soon we were back in the groove of working, college, and continuing on to the next phases of our lives. There is not a day that goes by that I do not reflect on our journey. Today I run on the Appalachian Trail!

Trish D’Imperio

Owner, Ready Set Run